Sunshine Hours Map UK (Solar Radiation Map)

It’s no secret that solar panels require sunlight to hit them in order to generate power i.e. electricity for your home, so knowing how much sunshine hours your area receive is an important consideration.

It’s worth noting that no matter where you live in the UK, you can benefit from installing a solar panel array on your roof, however, the amount of electricity your solar PV array will generate will differ based on the average annual sunshine hours you receive.

For illustration, a solar PV system installed in the South West of England will generate up to 30% more electricity than one installed in the Shetland Islands of Scotland.

Sunshine Hours Map UK

The map below shows the incident solar radiation in the UK over the course of one year, as you can see the annual average varies across the country.

Are solar panels worth it in every part of the UK?

Yes! Solar panels are worth it, no matter where your home is within the UK, they will generate power, but at different rates.

Ultimately, the biggest factor you need to consider is the break-even point of your solar panels i.e. how many years it will take you to earn back your initial investment i.e. the solar panel installation costs.

Since different parts of the country receive different amounts of sunshine, the break even point will be different and depend on your location.

For example, the average break even point for solar panels is around 10 years, but this can be almost 13 years (an additional three years) for those that live in the very North of Scotland.

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