REA Solar Panels Review

Imagine having solar panels with an impressive efficiency of up to 23.9%, a power output of 400-480 watts, and a performance warranty guaranteeing it will remain 85% efficient for 25 years, or you get your money back!

That’s what you get with REA solar panels, specifically the Fusion 2 panels.

Founded as Renewable Engineering Australia in 2010, REA designs and manufactures solar panels and system components for commercial and domestic installations.

They only offer the Fusion 2 panels in the UK, and they’re exclusively sold and installed by Heatable.

This review takes a closer look at REA solar panels and why they’re the best choice for homes in the UK.

Key Takeaways from REA Solar Panels Review:

  • REA solar panels are optimized for low light conditions, making them suitable for the cloudy UK weather.
  • REA solar panels can absorb sunlight from the back and front sides, allowing them to generate more energy.
  • REA solar panels use microinverters, ensuring maximum performance and effectiveness
  • The double-glazed design improved durability and reliability

Why are REA Solar Panels Suitable for the UK?


Cloudy days are common in the UK all year round due to its geographical location, making bright, sunny days somewhat rare.

Solar panels require sunlight to gather solar energy effectively, and traditional panels may struggle in cloudy conditions.

With REA solar panels, you don’t have to worry about the gloomy UK weather.

They feature innovative solar technology that allows the panels to generate electricity even in low-light conditions.

REA solar panels are designed and optimized specifically for low light.

They benefit from the latest M10 Topcon solar cell, an N-type solar cell superior to older P-type cells.

Thanks to higher open-circuit voltages, they offer improved performance in low-light conditions, making them an ideal choice for UK homes.

How Do REA Solar Panels Generate More Energy?

REA solar panels are bifacial or double-sided, allowing them to absorb sunlight from the back and front sides and generate more energy than traditional monofacial solar panels.

Monofacial panels only have one working side facing the sun, with the other facing the roof away from sunlight.

In contrast, the bifacial REA solar panels can generate electricity from the back using the light that reflects off the surrounding surfaces, including rooftops, walls, or the ground.

Studies show that the energy output of bifacial solar panel modules can be up to 30% higher than that of monofacial counterparts, and they have the advantage of being adaptable to any installation angle.

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How Do REA Solar Panels Ensure Maximum System Performance?

Each REA solar panel features an Enphase microinverter. The microinverters combine ultra-reliable components with a distributed architecture that makes for a more resilient system.

They feature a parallel connection, meaning every panel is independent of the entire array.

With traditional panels that use a string inverter, problems with an individual module, such as dirt or shade, affect the performance of other panels.

In contrast, microinverters allow the solar panel array to operate effectively even when a single panel fails, making the reliability of a microinverter system more significant than a string inverter-based system.

With microinverters, the panel array can still function effectively even when sections of the array face different directions or are shaded.

Individual microinverters also allow the integration of monitoring functions, making it easier to identify and solve problems with modules.

If you’re still learning about solar, refer to our complete advice section for more help and advice, which includes guides on the best solar panels, costs of installing solar and if solar is worth it.

How Durable Are REA Solar Panels?

REA solar panels are very durable since they feature a double-glazed design. Double-glazed panels have increased reliability and resist humidity, high temperatures, and UV conditions.

Double glazing uses a glass layer on the back of the modules, helping avoid the risks associated with the back film since there’s no exposure to alkalinity, moisture, acidity, salinity, ultraviolet radiation, or temperature.

The double-glazed design also helps protect REA solar panels from delamination, an issue that occurs when the layers of materials within the panels separate or become detached.

Delamination can occur when moisture enters the back sheet through cracks, reducing the solar panel’s efficiency.

REA solar panels also feature better mechanical stability that helps reduce the risks of microcracks during transportation, installation, and operation, even in fluctuating temperatures.

The chances of light-induced degradation (LID) are minimal, thanks to the N-type solar cells in REA panels.

N-type cells have lower susceptibility to LID than P-type cells, offering more stability and long-term performance.

What Are the Pros and Cons of REA Solar Panels?


  • REA designs and optimises its solar panels for low-light conditions.
  • Both sides of the panel can generate power.
  • An AC-optimised design ensures maximum safety and keeps the system working even in blackouts or outages.
  • You can monitor the performance of each panel through a user-friendly application.
  • High efficiency of up to 23.9%
  • Seamless, sleek design available in black and silver.
  • Double-glazed design for improved durability and reliability


  • REA solar panels are only available through one supplier in the UK
  • They’re more expensive than other solar panel options and may not be suitable if you’re on a budget.

What is the Cost of REA Solar Panels in the UK?

REA only offers the Fusion 2 solar panels in the UK, and they feature premium prices. You can expect to pay around £500 per panel.

However, the investment is worthwhile, and you can expect to get value for your money with a system that produces more power and energy savings compared to a cheap solar system that costs less up front and delivers less energy.

What is the Warranty for REA Solar Panels?

You’ll get a 25-year product and performance warranty with REA solar panels. Instead of the manufacturer, an insurance company backs the warranty, which can offer more peace of mind than other warranties.

Can I Get REA Solar Panels Anywhere in the UK?

Yes! However, they’re only available through Heatable. Thankfully, Heatable offers solar panel installations across the UK.

Final Thoughts on REA Solar Panels Review

REA solar panels are an excellent choice if you’re looking for solar panels that can offer high power outputs, efficiency, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

They’re ideal for the UK weather, where bright, sunny days are rare since they can provide optimal performance even in cloudy and low-light conditions.

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